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It’s been a great summer and you have had a lot of fun enjoying the sun but the Bar-B-Ques and Beers have added a pound or two to the waistline. Now it’s time to rid of them. So, we are see those members that took the summer off, head back into the club, and get moving to lose some of that summer fun! Classes are starting to fill up, the cardio equipment is getting a more regular workout, as we all try to sweat off summer indulgences.

We are also seeing the Squash membership shaking off the summer rust by playing in the Season Opener Tournament. League play starts soon, and then before the members know it, the club will host the Halloween Open Tournament. The Open is a fun tournament where we see a number the BC Elite Squash Players come to the club and try and take home the money. The Tournament is Open to all levels of play with prizes for all levels.

We also know from many studies that regular exercise is also the best way to deal with stress. We see members dealing with the stress of being back in the office after summer holidays, by exercising here in their club. As stress is becoming one of the highest contributors to health problems in western society, this is the best way to deal with it and we encourage all members to participate.

Finally, I prefer to motivate by using the positive. For me the feeling of accomplishment I enjoy after completing a workout is something I look forward to each and every day of my life. The aches and pains of sitting at my desk vanish after a workout. I combine that with that wonderful feeling that I have just done something good for me and then, I always feel it is easier to do good things for members.

The important thing for all with regard to exercise is to subscribe to the Nike Motto- “just do it”. Tear yourself away from whatever you are doing and take your body for a treat. Muscles, and joints were meant for movement, so put them in a situation where they get to work for awhile and blow away all your frustrations. I guarantee that you will feel better and that your body will love you for it. Even if you are feeling a little off, put in an effort and your day will turn around. It really doesn’t have to be the same effort every day. If you are feeling lousy, back off a little. The next day you will surely feel better and can push a little harder. Remember “use it or lose it”, in a positive way, and just do a little something every day. An hour a day will be sure to keep the Doctor away.

Robin Russell, Manager, Bentall Centre Athletic Club.

posted September 20th, 2017

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