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Joining a Club

We have documented some information for you to consider when you are looking at Bentall Centre Athletic Club and other club facilities.

The financial stability of a club is a very important consideration as many clubs have closed due to financial problems. Members have lost prepaid dues and initiation fees. Bentall Centre Athletic Club is owned and operated by the Bentall Centre.

Take special note of the way a club is presented to you. Is it high pressure with statements such as "join today - the price is going up tomorrow"? Does the club constantly run specials such as two for one? Are you going to join today and next month find out a friend joined for half price? Does the club have printed information readily available on its fee schedules, or do the amounts change with each sales pitch? If the club is using high pressure techniques, think it over first.

Any of our staff members would be pleased to show you around our facilities. We do not try to pressure you into joining; in fact, we encourage you to look at other clubs. We are confident that the quality of our club will sell itself. Our membership dues are never varied as we realized a constant cash flow is necessary to keep us in business.

Do not purchase a "lifetime membership" as it does not refer to your lifetime, but the club’s lifetime. If the club closes, you have lost your membership fees with slim recourse. Three to five year memberships should also be avoided. Clubs that offer long term contracts are usually in poor financial condition, and are often trying to create cash flow to keep them operating.

Bentall Centre Athletic Club does not offer memberships on more than a yearly basis and we offer several monthly payment options. We have a 30 day membership guarantee whereby if for any reason our club does not meet your needs in the first 30 days , Bentall Centre Athletic Club will give you a refund. We want our members to be happy and satisfied.

We do not bind our members to lengthy contracts, in fact you can cancel your membership payments at any time by giving us 30 days written notice. Therefore, the success of Bentall Centre Athletic Club is based totally on our ability to keep you and the rest of our membership happy.

Talk to club members as they are a great source of information. Seventy-five percent of our members have joined as a result of members recommending Bentall Centre Athletic Club to their friends and business associates.

Beware of clubs that promise no dues increases. In this day of rising costs, there are only two ways to cover them - raise dues or sell more memberships.

Bentall Centre Athletic Club dues have not increased greatly over the past few years and we try to keep them as reasonable as possible. However, we are in one of the highest rent areas of Vancouver and in order to keep services and facilities at a high standard, we must occasionally increase dues. Your dues are guaranteed at the same level for one year from joining.

How well trained are the club’s fitness staff and what does "certified" instructor mean? Some clubs run their own "certification programs" which generally are not recognized by the fitness industry. Our fitness department is run by a University Physical Education graduate and all our fitness instructors must be fully certified by a B.C.R.P.A. approved course, have CPR and are constantly upgraded with seminars and training.

These are very important clues as to the quality of a club and also its financial stability. Often when a club is in difficulty, the maintenance is the first thing to be cut back. We are proud of the condition and cleanliness of our club.

Our club is open to all suggestions for improving the facility and programs; however, we will only implement a suggested change if it benefits the entire membership.

We hope this letter has been of interest and help to you in selecting a club and we hope we will be able to welcome you as a member of Bentall Centre Athletic Club.

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